Why namecheap is not opening in India. What to do to open Namecheap in India ?

The Delhi High Court has issued an order on February 15, 2023, directing the Indian IT Ministry to block Namecheap and other domain registrars due to their alleged involvement in cybersquatting and failure to comply with the Indian IT Rules, 2021.

Several major brands like Dabur, Tata Sky, Mother Dairy, Ultratech Cement, Microsoft, Snapdeal, Jockey, and others in India had taken their case to the high court, alleging that several domain registrars were refusing to block domains that violated their trademarks. The complainants also claimed that these websites were using their brand names to deceive clients into paying large sums of money.

In their defense, the Delhi Police argued that it had become increasingly challenging to track down the owners of these domains due to privacy protection and that the domain registrars were not complying with requests from the complainants to ban, suspend, or take down the infringing domains.

What to do to open Namecheap in India?

If you are in India and wish to access Namecheap.com, your only viable option is to use a VPN. One possible option is to use the Opera desktop browser, which comes with a free integrated VPN that can be utilized for this purpose.