5 Recommended Tools / Softwares for Youtubers

Written by arshkapoor  |  Published on February 19, 2022

YouTube is a great platform for new content creators and video bloggers. If you like to make videos, you probably have a lot of gear. And if you’re lucky, you might have a lot of gear that other people just don’t have. But what about the software? Sometimes it can be difficult to discover the […]

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The Marketer’s Guide to Content Aggregators in 2021

Written by arshkapoor  |  Published on May 14, 2021

Introduction The Internet is filled with infinite amounts of content. It is impossible to access it without the help of a content aggregator. Even if you determined one day to dedicate your whole life without sleeping, eating, and doing nothing but only collecting the whole content available on the internet, you might have a million […]

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Benefits of recruitment software

Written by Yusooph  |  Published on November 21, 2020

We all will agree with this fact that human resource plays a very important role in the working of the company. So if you are going to recruit some new employees for your vacant positions, you need to be extra careful. With the help of the advancement in technology many tech recruiting platform is coming forward that […]

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Watools : Whatsapp Status saver App by Clickretrina.com

Written by arshkapoor  |  Published on August 4, 2019

We all are using social media platforms on a daily basis and we all love to share our day to day activities on our social media handles. We post multiple stories of our daily activities and share a number of information and ample amount of memes on social networking platforms. The most commonly used messaging […]

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