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The team of professionals at this SEO company in Lucknow specializes in creating effective online marketing strategies that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual client.


0.38% More CTR Click Through Rate
10% less CPA Cost Per Acquisition
158% High ROI Return On Investment

Why do you need SEO Service for your website

The important aspect of SEO is to rank your website better in search results. To accomplish this task we make your website both users and search engine robots easy to understand.

  • SEO is an important aspect of Online marketing
  • SEO is never too costly than returns you get out of it
  • SEO can keep you away from costly PPC advertising
  • SEO will help your targeted audience to find your website easily
  • SEO builds trust and credibility
  • SEO helps building your brand
  • SEO is a long term marketing strategy
  • SEO targets relevant clients with high conversion rate
  • Your SEO consultant is your secret weapon
  • SEO provides unlimited opportunities
seo services in lucknow

We Offer The Best Seo Services In Lucknow

If you’re looking to improve your website’s visibility and get more visitors from the search engines, then you need to consider hiring a searc engine optimization (SEO) company. SEO services can help you make your website more visible in search results, boosting your website’s traffic and potential sales. By properly optimizing your website, you can increase its chances of being found by potential customers and increase your web presence overall.


ONPAGE Page SEO Factors

  • Page Title
  • Total Words
  • IP & DNS Report
  • cURL Response
  • Internal Vs. External Links
  • Image ‘alt’ Test
  • GZIP Compression
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Description
  • Text/HTML Ratio Test
  • IP Canonicalization Test
  • Mobile Friendly Check
  • NoFollow, DoFollow Links
  • DOC Type
  • Inline CSS
  • Avoid Plugins
  • Meta Keyword
  • HTML Headings
  • URL Canonicalization Test
  • Google Page Speed Insight
  • SEO Friendly Links
  • Depreciated HTML Tag
  • Internal CSS
  • Configure Viewport
  • Keyword Usage
  • robot.txt
  • Plain Text Email Test
  • Sitemap
  • Favicon
  • HTML Page Size
  • Micro Data Schema Test
  • Size Content to Viewport

OFF Page SEO Factors

  • Commenting
  • PBN
  • Wiki Links
  • Guest book
  • rss submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Web 2.0 linking
  • Article directories
  • Micro blogs
  • Social network
  • Link wheeling
  • Directories
  • Press release
  • Ping backs
  • Trackbacks
  • Link pyramids
  • Forum Linking
  • Document sharing
  • referrals
  • Video Sharing

We Are SEO Expert In All Industries With Proven Record

The Only SEO Company in Lucknow with 11 Years of Experience

We offer our SEO services to small, medium-sized, and large enterprises. Providing SEO and digital marketing services is what our team has been doing for more than 11 years. We have provided more than 1530 customers with transformational growth as the best SEO Services in Lucknow. We provide SEO services keeping this in mind.

  • Complete 360° organic SEO
  • Campaigns with verifiable goals and ROI
  • Integrated social media solution
  • 100% ethical, safe, and efficient procedures
seo services in lucknow

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Getting in touch with a professional and reliable digital marketing company is an important step that can help you to create and implement useful digital marketing strategies that can help to increase your visibility and reach new customers.


    SEO Make Your Life Simple. A Better SEO Means Better Google Ranking

    Are you looking to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), then you need to consider using an SEO service. SEO services can help your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This can lead to increased traffic and increased sales. There are a variety of different SEO services available, so it is important to find one that will fit your needs and budget.

    We do have a hand on creating many local as well as international brands. We are proud to stand as the best SEO company in Lucknow with remarkable work presented to our clients and surely we look to bring the Internet marketing to its next level.

    Successful Projects
    Satisfied Customers

    Search Engine Optimization Company In Lucknow

    SEO company has a huge potential to deliver a long lasting business result as the city is growing at the pace in all the fields like it never had before. Such a rapid development did attracted lots of business to spread in and do created tons of entrepreneurs. Today everyone is aware of technology and internet and is so habitual of it that from a small gadget to apartments people search on google at the very first. This is where the digital marketing company comes in play for those who are looking for the increment in their business graph. Let’s suppose that you did startup and things are not going much fine or you may be tired of the slow pace of your business even you do have a useful and valuable products and services.

    Your business may be running at a good pace but you are not happy as you had expected something more than that. In that case, we are the “best SEO Services provider in Lucknow” you will ever find. What makes us best among all the top SEO companies in Lucknow is our capabilities to correct and prevent certain errors which have a great impact on when we are working to create internet visibility for the website. We have a team of the best SEO expert who possesses the capabilities to resolve the most common to most drastic mistakes and can perform any SEO task in very less time. We have the top SEO Services in Lucknow you will ever find who can deliver your business to its ultimate location.

    Best SEO Company In Lucknow Click Retina

    What makes us different among most of the digital marketing companies in Lucknow

    We make sure that your business reaches to the relevant people which are the most important factor when it comes to make a branding.

    There are plenty of webmasters who make very serious errors and so cannot keep the pace of your business growth.

    The most possible reason of it is the most of them are not aware of the Google Process and what actual SEO management is all about.

    There are certain Google updates come in no time from nowhere. Due to these many of the websites and business gets affected. Our SEO expert have a pace with SEO community and are updated of any Algorithm Update in real time.

    Our excellent team is full of multitasking people who can adopt any situations and business needs and so they fulfill the creative need to become a SEO expert in Lucknow.

    What makes us an SEO Expert

    There are several mistakes not just people but professionals even do which ultimately leaves a bad impressions on business owners. There is a possibility that you are the one of them. What makes us the Best SEO company in Lucknow is our team which has a great practice to overcome those mistakes. The few of the flaws are below.

    You have user friendly website with great contents with an outstanding website layout. But is it search engine friendly ? There are certain factors which developer or the website builder app do not take care much of but have a great impact on your website SEO. Our team is known to fix these flaws in no time.

    Most of the company claim to provide the SEO service in Lucknow as we do but what we do differently is that we work on your business as if it’s our own and we do put it in a long-running trail and we do this by establishing a great relationship instead of just being a top SEO Services in Lucknow.

    Most of the SEO expert just rely on the Off page practices and even more of them just rely on just Link Building. Unlike them we do all the possible ways to improve the internet visibility of your business. All matters to us is that your business graph goes up.

    seo company in lucknow click retina

    What our client’s say

    Utkarsh SisodiaUtkarsh Sisodia
    05:17 31 May 22
    The SEO and digital marketing services provided by Click Retina are very professional. The work they have done for me has been excellent.
    05:06 25 May 22
    "We consider Clickretina to be one of the best digital marketing companies in Lucknow." We have worked with Click Retina for the past year for my Packers and Movers Company. It gave me such positive results. Click Retina Google ads services generate many leads for my business.
    Sagar NargolkarSagar Nargolkar
    09:09 22 May 22
    Reliable digital marketing and SEO services.
    Rk Film'sRk Film's
    09:47 14 May 22
    Click Retina is one of the most amazing Leading Digital Marketing company in Lucknow.I might want to express gratitude toward Arsh Kapoor Sir for offering me the chance to by and by work with and partner with Click Retina. You are extraordinary sir we will highly recommended Click Retina. 😀👍
    Brighters EventsBrighters Events
    09:39 14 May 22
    Clickretina is the Best Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow. Thankyou Arsh Kapoor For Give Me High Ranking in indian Search Results in my Targeted Keywords For my New Startup Company Brighters Events. Thankyou so much and keep growing up.

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    Have Questions?

    Q-1: What is SEO and how it works?

    Ans: SEO stands for search engine optimization in this we optimize a website as per search engine guidelines so that we can rank our website on the higher position of search engine result page.

    Q-2: What kinds of SEO techniques you involve in your SEO strategy?

    Ans: There are three basic techniques of SEO

    • White hat SEO
    • Gray hat SEO
    • Black hat SEO

    We suggest white hat SEO to our clients but based on their requirements we can perform all the SEO techniques to your website.

    Q-3: Is SEO dead 2023?

    Ans: Not at all, as there are about 3.5 billion searches per day on Google for any product, services or general query so it gives clear evidence that SEO in 2023 is not dead.

    Q-4: How do you use SEO?


    • First of all, we find relevant keywords with good search volume.
    • We create an attractive page for that particular keyword and add high quality article in that page which satisfy the user search intent.
    • We create quality, relevant back links for that particular page
    • Analyze our ranking on frequent basis and apply different SEO strategies to improve page ranking
    • Once we get higher rank we refer to Google analytics to analyze the user behavior on your web page and optimize your web pages accordingly.

    Q-5: Why is SEO important in 2023?

    Ans: In 2023 your marketing strategy is incomplete with SEO because if you do not involve SEO in your marketing strategy then you will lose potential customers that are available on Google and continuously looking for products or services related to your niche.

    Q- 6: How long does it take for SEO to work?

    Ans: Honestly speaking, SEO is a time taking process we recommend 4 to 6 months on the basis of our SEO experience to produces some positive outcomes for your business. It also depends on what kind of strategy and how much time involves in your SEO efforts.


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