Why is NAP Consistency important for Your Local Business?

Why is NAP Consistency important for Your Local Business?

Written by arshkapoor  |  Published on May 14, 2021

The term NAP is the acronym we use in local SEO marketing. NAP means Name, Address, and phone number. It is a significant factor to get any local business on rank in the three packs.

What is NAP?

NAP is Name( name of your business), Address (where your business is registered or operates), and Phone Number(the official business contact number). All these fields represent your business and help your potential customers to reach you. Therefore make sure to keep them consistent and correct. Make sure to keep them in the same format on your website, search engines, and social media channels.

Why is NAP Consistency important for Your Local Business?

NAP is a significant local ranking factor for your business. It contributes a lot to on-page signals and citation signals.

The consistency builds trust in your existing and potential customers. NAP is the essential information consumers look for about your business. They not only want information about your company’s products and services, but they also want that information to learn how to contact them. It helps their algorithm determine which companies should appear when someone enters a search query. In addition, NAP has an impact on search engine optimization, especially on the site.

  • NAP is an Important Ranking Factor

According to Moz’s Local Report Ranking Report, NAP information is the top five ranking factor. It contributes to page and quote alerts, both of which add to a strong presence in the local package.

According to Moz’s findings, only Google My Business alerts (including NAPs in business accounts), review warnings, and link warnings are more important for ranking local packages. In contrast, behavioral warnings, social media alerts, and personalization are less critical. See the sequence of the NAP in the general case. It means that Google can safely provide search users with the same information.

  • NAP Helps in Building Customer Trust

Think With Google data shows that 88% of people who use their smartphone for local search visit a local store within seven days.

If the NAP data is incompatible or worse or incorrect, this user can experience significant inconvenience. You may be traveling to the wrong place. All of this adds to the frustration and is sure to damage the credibility of your brand. Providing consistency in the NAP eliminates this threat.

  • NAP Helps in the Buyers journey

Users are most likely to find directory listings, Google My Business accounts, cheap articles, or social media links such as your website. These are all business search portals. What’s more important is that your NAP is consistent and up to date on the web.

Just as a consistent and accurate NAP keeps consumers on the buying path, incorrect data can cause them to step aside. Additionally, our report on Trust in Local Quotes found that users bear the burden of correcting misinformation on local businesses and not on directory pages that display incorrect details.

  • If NAP is not consistent, you may lose Your Local customers

Nine out of ten users also said they looked up a address online before their first visit. As a brand, you need a NAP sequence to ensure that the addresses found are correct. Suppose the user encounters two different addresses or inconsistencies, e.g., Other zip codes; he doesn’t know where to go. It can result in customers canceling planned visits before they leave the store.

Likewise, consumers who have difficulty finding businesses due to incorrect or inappropriate NAP data when they arrive are more likely to give up and go elsewhere. Nearly half said they would stop trying, and about a third would go to competitors. The potential for loss of income makes non-compliance with the NAP very expensive.

  • NAP Makes Google Map Experience Reliable

The maps are, of course, linked to the NAP. Making sure your NAP is correct will make the user experience much more reliable and help people find your physical location when planning trips. It, in turn, can be the same as a shop visitor or, if the information is inaccurate, result in the loss of a potential customer.


By taking the time to apply Tampa SEO and optimize for local search engine optimization, you will increase the chances of your business to list there. It means more traffic will come because you look more reliable.

Your company’s NAP data and online consistency are essential to your SEO. NAP data plays a vital role in search engine visibility and user trust. It can give you a step up on the leaderboard or limit your local packages and voice search visibility.

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