Watools : Whatsapp Status saver App by Clickretrina.com

Watools : Whatsapp Status saver App by Clickretrina.com

Written by arshkapoor  |  Published on August 4, 2019

We all are using social media platforms on a daily basis and we all love to share our day to day activities on our social media handles. We post multiple stories of our daily activities and share a number of information and ample amount of memes on social networking platforms. The most commonly used messaging app WhatsApp is used almost everyone.

And we post different stories of what we feel and what we are doing lots of videos and images are posted every day by us. But one thing which we are not able to do with WhatsApp is we cannot save the status which anybody posted on WhatsApp and this remains a hell of a difficult task for every one of us to take multiple screenshots of what someone has posted and then store it on our phone and for videos there are very few chances storing a video posted as a status as recording a screen can be hectic sometimes and it is not available on every phone .

To ease this problem and to make storing of WhatsApp status possible here comes an app to resolve your problem and to make sure you don’t miss anyone of your WhatsApp to get stored on to the phone.

Name of the app is Watools and it is easily available on google play store it is small 6 mb app which you get from the google play store and you can easily get the app.

First thing you have to do is to download the Whatsapp status saver app.

To download check Official Watools App Website

And then you have to open the app and there will multiple options available for you and you have to click on the on status saver option and all the status that people on your WhatsApp have posted will be shown you can easily download all the status from there by simply clicking on the download icon and the Whatsapp status will downloaded and stored in the gallery . you can also share the status directly from the app to your friends and family as they will be able to see the status and more than this the status will get saved on their gallery. Watools also offers us to send a direct message from its app without opening WhatsApp. you just have to enter the number and type the message will be sent directly to the person.

So it proves to be an app worth downloading because we all want to download the status and share those statuses with our friends and family, for what time we will be stuck in clicking screenshots and storing those screenshots.

This app indeed helps us to make the status easily available and we can enjoy this by just simply downloading this app, the app does not require any type special permission and is available in google play store for free and size is very small you must download it and enjoy it services.

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