You must be looking for SEO services for tech support. There were the days when it was real easy for tech supports to generate a good traffic and a good conversion rate just by running PPC (Pay Per Click) in Google Adwords.

UPDATE Published Aug 31, 2018 – Google Update on Tech support ads for third party tech support companies Restricting ads in third-party tech support services

But now days it seems that Google is making stop to those tactics what most tech support companies have been using so far. So is this an end? Not at all ! Even there are more better ways than those expensive pay per click campaigns and even are more reliable and can drive the traffic to your website more than twice you have been getting through those expensive pay per click tactics. We are talking about SEO services for tech support.

By doing SEO that is Search Engine Optimization you can drive more than twice of the traffic to your website. According the data shared by the Google executives that the PPC (Pay Per Click) Adds get only 30% of the maximum clicks where as 70% of the Click that is the traffic is possessed by the genuine search which Google shows. Eventually you can get your website on the top of the place where Google shows its genuine search results. For that you need to be an SEO Expert! Or you can Hire SEO Expert for Tech Support who does all those SEO things for you and meanwhile you can keep doing your Tech Support thing.

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Who are we ?

Well, we are the Best SEO Company in Lucknow known for best results. we produce and the best relationship we build with our clients. Beside SEO services for tech support we had accomplished with the top results of Search Engine Ranking in many different categories such as Real-estate, Education, Personal blogs, Ecommerce, Tech Support and many other website categories.
Getting those 70% of the traffic to our website is not a difficult task.
Well at-least not for us. However it does takes time to show you the result.

How long does it takes to rank on google ?

We do not promise you to get your website on the first page on a very first week or a month. It may take time even months to as our tactics to show up on Google ranking factors depends upon how much time Google takes to collect your tactics.

Instead of just link building blindly we make and follow the strategy and analyze that how did it effected in our search engine ranking. And if it did not make through our goal, we build another strategy till we get you on the top.

What Will you get by opting SEO service for tech support?

In tech support niche we had already worked and gotten through the best result in the following categories:

  • Anti-virus support (Norton, AVG, Panda, McAfee, Kaspersky etc.)
  • Pogo support
  • Email, Outlook technical support (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL etc.)
  • Printer technical support (HP, Dell, Lexmark, Canon, Brother Etc.)
  • Router Technical Support number (Netgear, Linksys, Belkin, CISCO, D-Link Routers etc.)
  • QuickBooks support phone number

And there are many more.

Our SEO experts for Tech Support are good at finding relevant keywords which can generate you more leads per call.

We had a practice working some of the common categories below:

  • SEO for Antivirus Tech Support
  • SEO for apple Tech Support
  • SEO for email Tech Support
  • SEO for hp printer Tech Support
  • SEO for Kindle Tech Support
  • SEO for Netgear Tech Support
  • SEO for Outlook email Tech
  • SEO for Pogo Tech Support
  • SEO for Printer Tech Support
  • SEO for QuickBook Tech Support
  • SEO for Router Tech Support
  • SEO for Skype Tech Support

We are not just limited to SEO for Tech Support !

We are good at doing keywords research relevant to Tech Support niche and creating quality contents. We do provide a full website design and development package along with content for your website, best hosting and domain plans. Call us today at 9911226012 and take your tech support business to next level.

Frequently asked questions for tech support SEO Services

What is SEO & It’s Useful for Tech support Business?

SEO is stand for Search Engine Optimization. It is the way to increase the online visibility your website on the first page of search engines such Google, Bing, yahoo etc. So SEO is the best approach for tech support business. It is a way to target the millions of people of the western country for your tech support business. With help of our technical support site SEO, your website will rank on the first page of Google for your target keyword such printer support, antivirus toll-free number, support for router issues etc.

So if your website rank on the first page of Google & Bing on multiples target keywords of tech support then you can get of millions of USA, the UK, Canadian people for your technical support and you will get the number of genuine tech support calls without investing the single penny on paid ads.

How Is SEO better than PPC calls & PPC Campaign setup for Tech support?

First of all, let me make you clear the Google & Bing have updated their algorithm & polices. According to their policies (Google & Bing), they are not going support third party service. So it has got very tough to set up & run PPC Campaign for tech support. Google & Bing & has suspended the PPC accounts of tech support. So now a day’s SEO is best to approach then PPC for long term tech support business.

(But we are not saying that search engines have banned the tech support. PPC ads can run on Google & Bing for tech support but should be according for search engines policies.)

Second – PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It’ means that you have to pay for per click on your ads. So PPC ads are so expensive as compare to SEO. In PPC you have to pay first huge amount to ppc expert for setup PPC campaign, landing page & PPC campaign management. After then you have to set up huge payday budget and pay for per click to search engine. Even you can get irrelevant clicks in PPC.

On the other hand, SEO Is so cheap then PPC ads. SEO is the organic approach. In this, your website will rank on the first page for a search engine on multiple target keywords. So will be the reach of your customer without paying any single penny.

Does Black hat SEO good for tech support business?

Although Blackhat SEO gives quick ranking to your website if done properly. But there are very high chances that google will gradually penealise your website or will drop the ranking of your website. Hence its better to opt for White hat SEO rervice.

But even if you are willing to go for Blackhat SEO we would recommnd if your website looses ranking then move on creating new website without loosing any time or go with atlease 2 to 3 websites at a same time.

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