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    Whatsapp Share Locker script get mobile traffic in no time

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    This script will lock the entire page or a link until a user shares your messages to 10 different friends on WhatsApp or 10 different groups. This is a great way to get instant mobile traffic on your desired landing page. The script will work only on mobile browsers and uses javascript and cookies to remember user action.


    Where can I get the demo for Whatsapp Social Locker Script?

    We do not provide the demo of this script as to keep ourselves safe from and rippers.

    Can we edit the script or layout?

    We provide you the raw code of the script where you can make necessary changes. If you are week at coding you can contact me via comments below or skype: arshkapoor2015

    Can I modify the quantity of shares before showing my content?

    Yes, you can change the number of shares you need before you share any content with your friend.

    Can I ask the users to share images?

    This script is designed to share the page title along with the link of the page

    Where will the script redirect to after share?

    When a user click the share button his action is recorded via javascript and cookies until he has done the required amount of shares the content will be remained locked.

    How can I get this whatsapp share content locker script?

    You can get this script by any of the ways either complete the small survey below to unlock the script file or pay us a small amount of $19.80 via paypal. You will get no support if you get it via complete survey. Support is only available when you purchase the script.

    Source : http://www.techinmind.com/whatsapp-share-locker-script-get-mobile-traffic-in-no-time/