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SEO, Web Development & Digital Marketing FREE Internship in Lucknow

Yes, that’s right. Clickretina provides free of cost internship to all those who are looking to start their career in the vast field of Digital Marketing. A Digital Marketer should seek for modification, he must always look for new strategies, creative ideas. We looking for a self-driven and artistic digital promoting intern with an unyielding passion for the trade. Clickretina has been in the field of digital marketing from a very long time and we have a vast experience in this field. We’re looking for young individuals who are excited to be a part of this vast growing digital marketing industry. We provide Web designing/development, SEO, SMO, Digital Marketing internship and content writing internship to the young aspirant. We conjointly offer a regular payment and official certificate to our interns.

SEO, Web Development & Digital Marketing Internship at Lucknow

Why only Clickreina.com for Internship

About us: Clickretina.com is a digital marketing & advertising, Web designing & development company followed by offering expert SEO services to our clients. Clickretina is ranked number one for SEO service in Lucknow and we are the leading SEO service provider in Lucknow. ClickRetina is a leading Indian based Web & Digital Marketing Services firm providing Professional Services in the areas of Search Engine Optimization, Website designing and website development, eCommerce Promotion, Guest Posting, and services across various industry verticals.

Why us: Clickretina is blessed with well experienced and mature SEO expert that caters to all the aspects of Digital Marketing. At Clickretina, we provide our interns to work on live projects and provide proper exposure to all the on-going projects. We emphasize practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge. Because an intellectual once aforesaid, “Practices makes a man perfect”.

Our SEO knowledgeable guides interns on their come and help them discover new things within the large field of Digital promoting.
Work done by interns are monitored by our experts and their doubts & queries are cleared. If you’re trying to find a position within the Digital marketing & promoting services, then there’s no higher place than Clickretina in Lucknow.

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Why join our Internship Programs

We are the leading SEO service providers in Lucknow and looking out for Digital marketing interns for SEO, and Web Developers for website designing & development. Our post program is 100 percent FREE and that we additionally offer regular payment to interns. We at Clickretina.com have very limited seats for which you have to qualify our Interview process in order to get enrolled in our Internship process.

Skills Required from Interns

  • Basic knowledge of Digital Marketing
  • Basics of SEO for interns applying for SEO internship
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS & PHP for interns applying for Web desiging & development Internship.
  • Passion, Positive attitude, and willingness to learn
  • Good communication skills verbal & non-verbal

Inclusions Of Our Internship Program


On-Page SEO is one of the most important part of digital marketing. ON-Page Optimization is very important as It help searches engine like google to understand the content and structure. There are many SEO On-Page factors which must be taken into consideration while working on the website's On-Page. Our SEO Experts, help interns in learning different factors about On-page & optimizing it accordingly.


Website designing & development is one of all the foremost crucial things. Without a website, there'll be no Digital promoting or any PPC advertising. A web designer uses catchy pictures, text, html5, Responsive layouts, CSS3, information architecture, colors, fonts, and other interactive parts to provide a webpage. Our expert developers are of assistance to interns in creating & developing SEO friendly website skills.


About seventy-fifth of world’s website rides WordPress. It’s because they are free, easy to use, user-friendly, tips for beginners, plug-ins that help in optimizing a web page easily, etc. WordPress helps in creating a free website or build a blog within a day where as when you code yourself then it can take up to weeks. Our web developers help interns in developing skills for making a website on WordPress.


OFF-Page SEO optimization refers to the work that is done with the motive to boost website ranking in SERP. OFF-page SEO isn't solely regarding building links, however, it's over that. OFF-Page SEO helps the website to get popularised Digitally. Our SEO specialists facilitate every and each intern in discovering totally different aspects of Digital promoting.


Content development & optimisation is the key to success of any marketing strategy. Proper elaborated info is one issue each user on net rummage around for. A writer must write with the intention of providing proper information and fresh content with proper explanation. Google itself place those web pages on prime that carries with it info full. Our SEO skilled train interns well in optimizing content consequently.


Google Webmaster Tool & Google Analytics Tool is used for many reasons which only a Digital marketer will understand. Google Webmaster Tool is an important instrument of SEO. It gives you all important aspects of SEO like, keywords, links, crawl errors, etc. Whereas Google Analytics Tool is a freemium web analytics service tool offered by Google. This tool helps in understanding more about your users.


PPC Stands for Pay-Per-Click. PPC campaign is brought into action for advertising numerous Digital marketing campaigns. It needs Communication, Storytelling, Attention to details, Analytical thinking, A growth mindset. Search engine advertising is one among the foremost far-famed varieties of PPC. Our SEO consultants helps out every intern in learning PPC Optimisation.


Social media optimization (SMO) is the process of improving the awareness of a product or service over the digital space by using a number of social media platforms. SMO helps a brand in creating its social presence. Without proper Social Media Optimization, it will be impossible to create the social presence of a brand or website. Our SEO experts train interns the proper utilization of SMO.


Email marketing is also an important aspect of Digital marketing. Email marketing is used in converting strangers into the user, users into customers. Email marketing is done with the purpose of explaining the products & services that are offered. Email marketing plays an important role in creating your presence among users. E-mail can be a fast, flexible and cost-effective way of reaching new customers.

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