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Create website like Hubpages and award your authors with money or Adsense share

Create website like hubpages and award your authors with money or Adsense share

We will create a website that will allow you to pay your authors to post content on your website. You can award money to writers depending on how good their posts are and could even share your adsense revenue with them. There are many more criteria to award bonus such as Facebook shares/comments, posts publishings, number of characters.


Define special payment settings for certain users

There are some writers that are more than equal that’s why you can have a set of general settings that apply to all users AND set up special settings for single users: maybe you want to pay them differently.

More features and addons

Integration with Analytics and Adsense, payments history and PayPal payments, integration with Facebook and so many more features!.


Display stats to users / authors

You can display the stats to the users so that they get the clear look of their earnings and to make things transparent. You can also display the following stats in public.

  • display overall stats at the bottom of the stats table (this will display total counts and payments per counting type, number of written posts and total due payment).
  • Provides a dynamic shortcut to last month stats.
  • Provides a dynamic shortcut to last week stats.
  • Provides a dynamic shortcut to current month stats.

PayPal setup and configuration

This integration help you to pay your writers hassle free not having you to login and go to paypal website one by one to pay your writers but it allows you to pay your writers without having to manually head to PayPal’s website and enter the amounts and emails. Up to 6 users can be paid at a time, each transaction needs to be explicitly authorized before it is completed.


SEO friendly website

We develop website based on latest SEO guidelines so that you get maximum user advantage from the search engine.

Custom Email Notification

Custom email Notification allows you to customize payment notifications emails sent by the system. No more plain-text payment emails: make a connection with your writers and let them know you care for them with properly designed notifications.


Author Payment Bonus

This feature will allow you to manually award bonus to a writer before paying to him.


Category Custom Settings

Category Custom Settings is an addon that allows to set custom settings for each category. This is ideal for sites where authors write different kind of contents of different value that should be paid differently.

User Roles Custom Settings

Allows you to set custom settings for each user role. This is ideal for sites where payment values and permissions are the same for all users in the same user role.

Custom role settings apply to all users belonging to that role. However, each user can still have special settings of their own!

Role settings act just as general settings do, but they differ from role to role. All roles without custom settings will just use general settings, of course.


Design Options

You will have unlimited number of themes to choose designs from. We will present you the theme layouts depending on your needs.

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