Catmouse APK Terrarium alternative – Watch Free Movies & TV Shows

Catmouse APK Terrarium alternative – Watch Free Movies & TV Shows

Written by arshkapoor  |  Published on August 11, 2019

CatMouse APK alternative to Terrarium Latest Version Download on Android – Watch Free Movies & TV Shows

Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video are the go to services for streaming unlimited content across various genres and regions. But honestly, paying for the subscriptions of these services is still a skeptical idea for a number of people. While some people wouldn’t mind recharging their monthly or yearly Netflix or Prime video accounts even when they constantly have some or the other offer going on to lure people into becoming subscribers, there is a sea of viewers always looking out for alternate, free and sometimes barely legal options to enjoy their content.

This is usually where free alternatives of the likes of Popcorn Time or Pordedewere booming, only for a new, much better service to enter and disrupt the market completely. Yes, the new player in town that has been the talk of the town was Terrarium TV.

This application service followed suit to a range of popular TV series, latest movies and a huge catalog of audiovisual content in general, absolutely free of charge. The Terrarium TV software, which also came along with a version for PC, initially offered viewers all the titles based on the categories, not only in their original version but also with their subtitles in various languages. That meant, the users wouldn’t be able to find a movie in their mother tongue, but they were at least able to watch their content with the suitable subtitles.

There was one catch to the viewing process though. The users were not able to play the movies and episodes within the app. Instead, they were required to install a multimedia player, preferably of the likes of MX Player or VLC media player. Once the user would’ve chosen what to watch, he/she would have to choose a link, which would then start a download and eventually allow them to play the video in these external media player applications.

Terrarium relied on sourcing its content from file-sharing sites instead of relying on the actual content to deliver the TV and movies to its users.

It eventually was targeted by Hollywood copyright lawyers with allegations that it had only links to other sites on the internet. It did not itself host or upload any videos, media files or films. It also did not store any media stream links on any of its servers. All this backlash eventually led to its shutting down later in the year.

This gave rise to a lot of freelance developers into making new Terrarium clones and the one we are particularly focusing on today is the CATMOUSE APK. Yes, the name is sort of off-beat, but its supposed to be a pretty good alternative for users struggling to find HD content on ShowBox and other platforms. CATMOUSE APK strives to give users unparalleled access to more real debrid links along with the standard ones.

The main selling point as the developers suggest is a huge number of HD links with links to their own sources as well, which essentially means a boatload of more links than users ever had.

Here are a few easy steps in which the CATMOUSE APK can be downloaded and used on your FireStick and Android TVs.

Users have to go to the link which will take them to massive download pages with options to download tons of software and media players. Scrolling down to the videos section, the option to download the CatMouseapk will be visible. Clicking on that will open a new page on which you’ll find the link to save the file.

For firestick users, you gotta go to the downloader app and use the short URL given in the description and it will automatically redirect you to the downloads page. Easy breezy. Same steps on your Android Tv, download the app and open it. Like any Android device, you’ll have to allow the permissions to access the photos, videos and media files on your device. The next step would be selecting a default player from your list which may contain MX player or VLC. That sets it all up and the interface is typical Terrarium with your options to browse through TV shows, movies and customize the settings as the user may wish.

Access to more HD or even 4K content can be done by adding a Debrid account and it automatically pairs up with the interface to provide access to even more links, which is the use of the service. Also, to overcome buffering, users can use the Google video CDN. Using real debrid links is recommended for more links and it is very cheap to get one too.

Why Catmouse apk?

Catmouseapk allows to you download all the latest content in full HD quality is optimized in such a way that the video plays directly in the video player. Catmouseapk lets you watch all your favorite shows for free and you can save your hundred or thousand bucks which you chose to spend on taking subscription of your favorite over the top content providing streaming services.

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